Healing hearts one soul at a time


 If you’re feeling despondent and need someone to point you in the right direction Rael is the one. Her class will open your eyes, expand your consciousness, spark your creativity and deepen your awareness of the world around you. Her services are exceptional. Rael is a connector who can cross dimensions to bring you the truth. She is insightful, caring and precise. I highly recommend her services.  February 2020, Sonia B St. Croix USVI 

Rael’s Extraordinary Readings,

When my mother-in-law recently visited us, she insisted that we must find a reputable psychic for her to visit. Being skeptics and living on a small island, this was quite the challenge. Thanks to Love and Light Books, we discovered Rael. So we scheduled the reading and threw caution to the wind. Well, what occurred amazed us. Rael presented great details for things that she had no way of knowing. So mom returned to us and insisted that we must schedule readings. My wife and I were hesitant, but what mom shared astonished us. So I went first, and Rael was spot on with so much in my life, past and present, as well as things that I was contemplating about the future. I returned home and begged my wife to give it a try. My wife insisted that no one has ever been able to read her. However, my wife decided to schedule a reading, but she was doubtful that anything would be revealed. When I dropped her off, she told me to just hang out, because it would only take 15 minutes! Nearly 90 minutes later, she emerged! Rael managed to “see” things that no one knew and that my wife never shared with anyone. In my life, I have only once previously experienced such an accurate reading. Rael helped us to see and embrace many topics that we had ignored. She is truly special, a rare gem in this world.  April 29, 2019  Denise,  St. Croix USVI

THANK YOU for sharing you gift and ability to be a conduit for my friends and loved ones that have crossed over! The messages I received yesterday have been so healing and uplifted my spirit tremendously! I shared your info with two friends yesterday afternoon as I was so blown away by our session and I will definitely be in touch for more sessions in the future! I am so happy you are on St. Croix and able to share your psychic gift and abilities with our community! THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU!!! Blessings, Gratitude & Love, Nicole x St. Croix USVI October 2018

I just wanted to thank you for making such a positive impact on my daughter. She couldn’t stop talking about you and her reading!! Thank you so very much! You brought us both SO much hope and happiness with your wonderful gift!! J L. Ortiz ; Denver, CO 3/19/18


I can say without any doubt that Rael has a very special gift. The readings she did for me were amazing for their accuracy and timeliness. Both of the readings have given me peace and encouragement as I face divorce, the sale of my home and the unknown changes to my future. Connecting with 3 of my grandmothers who were a huge part of my childhood was especially encouraging. I have reread her writings many times since she sent them to me and continue to understand more insights in them. After my sessions, Rael gave readings to my sister and four of my friends. I can confirm her accuracy with each one of them. Keep doing this, Rael, you are changing lives! Nancy M, Murrieta, CA December 2017


Rael has changed my life! Speaking with Rael over the phone and experiencing a spiritual connection with my father and mother was very comforting and felt magical. Rael revealed accurate life pictures and messages that blew my mind. The manner in which she speaks is loving, kind and humorous at times. Her compassionate manner made the entire experience enjoyable. Being able to connect with my husband and knowing he is okay has finally started the healing process for me. Losing someone to suicide had left so many unanswered questions, emotional struggles and overwhelming sadness. Rael’s words brought healing to my heart. I can now start to move forward and feel a sense of hope and peace. I now know my husband is in a much better place and that he will always be with me. I learned that I did not lose my best friend, he is right here with me. Thank you Rael, you have forever changed my life. Polly V. Arvada Colorado,  December 2017

I  met  Rael when  we  sat  down for our first  reading.  I was  newly  pregnant, just  a  couple  of  months  along,  not  showing  at all.  She  closed  her eyes, breathed deep, and empathetically placed  her  hands on  her  belly.  “What’s going  on  here?”, she  asked.  It  was  a  stunningly  beautiful  moment,  and  here  our  journey  began.    Jayme  C., St. Croix