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In this Time . . .

A Message to All


The situation we are facing in the world today is very frightening. Our daily routines have been brought to a standstill. We have been asked to isolate ourselves and distance ourselves from those we know and love. We are flooded with information letting us know what to do, what not to do, where to go & where not to go. Whether you look at the news media or social media, it’s all filled with advice. Some of it may seem contradicting, leaving us to wonder “Now what?”. But, as I sit home like everyone else, I am seeing a sense of community emerge. It seems strange somehow, how communities can come together by being physically separated. I am filled with hope by the stories of young people delivering supplies to the doorsteps of those in need and choirs forming from the balconies of neighbors, filling the air with joyful music. Somehow, it seems, this “isolation” has brought us all together. Helping us to realize what’s important & focus our attentions on what really matters. Love & togetherness. Acceptance & compassion. Maybe this whole “thing” is the Universe giving us all a reboot. Forcing us to slow down, refocus and start over. I have faith this is situation is temporary, but I hope the lessons we’re learning from it follow us into all of our tomorrows. May we let go of the fear but never lose the togetherness it brought. 


Always Hopeful


Readings and Services

Readings and Services

Readings and Services


Readings with Rael:

Mediumship Readings: I will connect with your loved ones who have crossed over bringing you messages of healing and love. Offering you validation they are still with you and part of your life. My goal is to help you to find peace, knowing you can again have hope for the future after a devastating loss. Private & group readings available.

Intuitive Readings: I will connect with your Spirit Guides bringing you messages of guidance and support. These readings offer validation when you feel like you’re at a crossroads in your life and aren’t sure which way to turn. It’s not a crystal ball and I can’t give you the winning lotto numbers but together we can help illuminate your path. Private & Group readings available.

Property Readings: Learn the history of your property, gain understanding to strange happenings & receive messages from the property anscestors. I will work w/local historians & archeologists when available & provide a full written report of the reading. In person or remote (by photos) available. This is not a clearing. This type of reading is intended to help you understand what the land desires & has to teach.    

Mentoring & Classes: Private mentoring as well as group classes are available for the individual looking to expand their psychic awareness and Spiritual growth. To schedule a private mentoring session please email me throught the Contact page. Class schedules can be seen on the Events page.

Go to Book Online to schedule your appointment today!  Thank you. I look forward to meeting you.  


About Me

Readings and Services

Readings and Services


Born into an American military family in the late 1960’s, Rael Reddick has been all over the world; living, interacting and being with the diverse and varied individuals across the globe. She has the unique skill of being able to converse with anyone on many different subjects, remaining an open mind to learning from everyone. Throughout her life Rael has allowed her intuition to lead her. She always just knew things without ever really knowing how or why. She never felt the need to question it. 

Following her mother’s passing in 2004 she visited with a renowned Colorado medium and finally received clarification and validation to what she already knew . . . she wasn’t crazy and she wasn’t sick . . she was psychic.

When her son passed in 2015 she knew it was time to quit her “day job” and follow her true path; sharing her abilities with others full time, offering messages of love, light and hope; helping others find peace, healing and optimism for the future.

She has been happily married for 26 years. After raising alpacas for 12 years in Colorado, Rael & her husband decided to follow their dream and move to the US Virgin Islands. They are enjoying learning about their new community in St. Croix and remain dedicated to helping others. 


What To Expect

Readings and Services

What To Expect


I consider myself a conduit with a responsibility to relay the messages as I receive them. I will relay all messages in the most caring, gentle way possible. I believe we may not always receive the message we expect, but we always receive the message that we need. Therefore, I will not tell you something just because I think it’s what you want to hear. Whether you’re receiving a Medium,  Intuitive or Property reading I always encourage questions & open dialog, allowing for the most cherished psychic connection possible. 

What I ask of you . . . Please do not offer any detailed information (other than what is asked on the booking form) prior to your reading. If you are requesting a Medium reading you may need to think outside of the box as loved ones you may not have known in this life may come through (like grandparents for example). If you are in a committed relationship your partners lost loved ones can also pay us a visit so please keep an open mind. You may find it helpful to make a list of all relatives & friends that have crossed over along with how the person passed. This could help you in the validations they bring forward.