Healing hearts one soul at a time

Spiritual & Intuitive Mentoring

Ask Yourself . . .


* Are you seeing, hearing or feeling things that you can’t explain?

* Do you “just know” things but don’t understand why?

* Would you like to explore & develop your intuitive & psychic abilities but don’t know where to start?



  • How we receive messages
  • Signs & Symbols
  • When is it Spirit & when is it “me”
  • Focus, Trust & Confidence
  • Guides vs. Angels vs. Crossed souls
  • Meditation & other tools
  • And Much MUCH more . . .

Mentoring is designed to be on-going allowing you to learn & develop at your own pace in a relaxed setting. 


$145 per session

Individual mentoring sessions are by appointment only. Each session will be 1 hour. Email me through the Contact page to schedule. Classes are also available. See the Events page for the next class dates & visit the Book Online page to register.